Diamond Gloss®

Diamond Gloss® by Ziebart is paint protection coating that will give your ride a stunning, glossy shine every day.

Ziebart Diamond Gloss is the toughest paint protection on the planet!

Diamond Gloss paint protection will keep your car's paint looking like new for up to one year. Diamond Gloss is a hard resin-based product designed to protect your car’s paint. Not to be mistaken for typical over-the-counter products, such as carnauba car wax or silicon polishes. Diamond Gloss bonds to your vehicle's paint to create a protective barrier that lasts an entire year, protecting your car’s paint while retaining its showroom shine.


  • Bring out your vehicle's original shine
  • Protect your paint from aging, premature oxidation, weathering, road salt, and even acid rain
  • Long-lasting paint protection that never dulls
  • Won't need waxing for an entire year
  • Makes regular washing quicker and easier
  • Protect the value and finish of your vehicle
  • Ziebart will back this treatment under our warranty program

Diamond Gloss is an exclusive product developed by Ziebart International Corporation; there are no imitations that even come close!

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